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Davos Discourse: AI Takes Centre Stage

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is known for its annual gathering of global leaders, policymakers, CEOs, and academics — convening to address the most pressing issues facing people and the planet. “Rebuilding Trust” was the theme this year, though the topic of the week was artificial intelligence — dominating the dialogue on the world stage and the advertisement space in the streets. The pursuit of productivity was on everyone’s mind and each AI session was jam packed. But how much of it is hype versus reality? To help make sense of it all, we hear from these pioneers and visionaries on the ground in Davos; Erik Brynjolfsson (Stanford Digital Economy Lab); Michelle Zatlyn (Cloudflare); Ashvin Parmar (Capgemini); Anna Paula Assis (IBM); Nicholas Thompson (The Atlantic); and Andrew Ng (Coursera).

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Doubling Down: The Definitive Decade for Climate

The climate transition is complex, not just for countries and economies, but for households and individuals. Across the country, Canadians are engaging more with climate action — though we’re still not doing enough to help ourselves and the warming planet. Canada’s climate capital needs to double to $60 billion in annual investments, and if this is going to be the decade that paves a sustainable path, we’ll need to fund, scale and support innovative green technologies. On this episode, we're taking a deeper dive with leaders from three Canadian clean tech companies; Stephane Germain, President at GHGSat; Apoorv Sinha, CEO of Carbon Upcycling; and Louis Tremblay, CEO of Flo EV Charging to discuss the opportunities and challenges for their respective industries and what that means for our nation.

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Understanding taxes and your investments

Tax season is here! Read this article to learn more about how different investments are taxed and strategies to make your portfolio more tax-efficient.

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Too many Canadians are struggling to find a home they can afford—making housing the defining issue of this country’s politics and economics. The Great Rebuild—a new report from RBC Economics, looks at the five phases that led to Canada’s housing crisis:

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Economic Outlook - Spring 2024

Are in store for a soft landing in 2024? Chief Economist Eric Lascelles explores why recession risks declining and other key factors contributing to the global economic outlook for the next year. Watch:

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Fixed income markets & currency outlook - Spring 2024

What is the outlook for government bonds amid ongoing geopolitical tensions and rising fiscal deficits? What’s supporting the stability of developed-market currencies? RBC GAM’s Dagmara Fijalkowski and Dan Mitchell weigh in. Watch:

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Global fixed income markets - Spring 2024

With inflation finally easing, what could anticipated interest rate cuts mean for bond yields? Explore RBC GAM's Spring 2024 Fixed Income Outlook: #GIO