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As a dedicated financial planner, I find fulfillment in understanding your priorities and assisting you in achieving them. I believe in a dynamic approach to financial planning, tailoring strategies to meet your personal and financial needs. My goal is to craft a comprehensive plan that aligns with your objectives, helping to navigate a path forward toward achieving financial success.

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Global Investment Outlook

Global Investment Outlook

For more on our current view and outlook, consult The Global Investment Outlook.

Economic Outlook

Economic Outlook

Produced by RBC Global Asset Management's Chief Economist Eric Lascelles, the #MacroMemo covers what's on our economic radar for the week.

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Should You Pay Down Your Mortgage or Invest?

The reality is that choosing between investing and paying off a mortgage isn't always a simple decision. When interest rates are high, deciding whether to pay off your mortgage or invest cash reserves can be challenging, but you do have options. #ValueofAdvice