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My passion lies in leveraging financial expertise to assist my clients in developing a personalized financial strategy. I am dedicated to taking the time to understand what matters most to you, and offering tailored strategies to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Let's work together to create a path to financial success that aligns with your unique aspirations.

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Global Investment Outlook

Global Investment Outlook

For more on our current view and outlook, consult The Global Investment Outlook.

Economic Outlook

Economic Outlook

Produced by RBC Global Asset Management's Chief Economist Eric Lascelles, the #MacroMemo covers what's on our economic radar for the week.

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Image for Unlocking the Energy Transition’s Economic Benefit


Unlocking the Energy Transition’s Economic Benefit

The complex climate transition requires investment and access to capital, as well as broader support nationwide — because without investment, there will be no transition. But it’s a bumpy year for innovators, with higher interest rates and consumer resistance. Our research also shows that while climate intentions are admirable, consumers are going to act with their economic benefit in mind. We must find ways to simplify sustainable solutions that lead to acceleration and scale to unlock value for society — and a lot of it will come down to technology and whether it can transform our economy fast enough. On this episode, we’re joined by Peter Tertzakian and Jackie Forrest of the ARC Energy Research Institute to discuss the energy transition and what is sure to be a critical year in Canada’s climate journey.

Image for The Great Rebuild Seven ways to fix Canada’s housing shortage - RBC Thought Leadership


The Great Rebuild Seven ways to fix Canada’s housing shortage - RBC Thought Leadership

Canada’s housing crisis will reach even more alarming levels if not enough is done now. According to RBC Economics, if affordability remains close to where it is today, many renters won’t be able to afford rent in the future. https://thoughtleadership.rbc.com/the-great-rebuild-seven-ways-to-fix-canadas-housing-shortage/